Revolution V  

Getting rid of routine labor has been man kinds dream for centuries.

Human-less processes for creating material wealth in enterprises, managed by IEM systems, will make this a reality in the near future.
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Joining millions of scattered facilities in a single all-planet economic agent network is the next step for humanity social and economic evolution after invention of the Internet of Humans and Internet of Things.

Companies’ IEM systems in delivery chains interacting in real time will make obsolete more than 90% of business stocks of world economy along with infrastructure for their storage transshipment.

Lower environmental burden by dozens of percent from current levels is to be an addition for tremendous increase in public wealth rather than regardless of it.

Tightly integrated delivery chains based on linked management systems rule out reasons for both deficit and overproduction of goods: uniting advantages of mass and artisan production excluding shortcomings of both.

Global economic benefits is more than 20 trillion USD annually.
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«I do not intend to belittle the very serious problem of purely mechanical work, of a drudgery which is felt to be meaningless, and which destroys the creative power of the workers; but the only practical hope lies, not in a return to slavery and serfdom, but in an attempt to make machinery take over this mechanical drudgery. Marx was right in insisting that increased productivity is the only reasonable hope of humanizing labour, and of further shortening the labour day.»

Karl Popper, "The Open Society and Its Enemies"

In economics, where work that doesn't require creative intellect is carried out by robots, economic activity is driven exclusively by internally motivated, gifted people.

The material needs of people who by their own volition leave the global labor market will be more than met for a comfortable, safe, and long life, the length of which will match the automatization of the IoS for any required (within the means of possible technology) production.

Instead of a life spent in the monotonous bureaucratic work of a corporation — offer your unique talents directly to billions of consumers.

On your own terms.

On the single — now and forever — global Market of humanity.

With equal, honest, and transparent conditions for all without exception.

Instead of the drab existence of corporate plankton, trading life for a retirement account, or the modern freelancer, more often surviving than working with passion, the participants in the IoS talant market will work as long as they wish.

The global self-regulating mechanisms of the IoS market logic, in their turn, guarantee a continuous flow of orders, selected to reach an ideal load and maximize the efficiency of working hours.
Those of an especially artistic nature can refuse to even think of money, clients (and agents) by use the appropriate platforms; everything will be handled by the appropriate business logic, including collecting money from clients.

The pace of economic activity is accelerating to a level that is difficult to imagine today; enterprises can be created in a millisecond and exist for only hours or minutes.
See today's algorithmic stock trading.

Most of the enterprises will be created (and liquidated) automatically.
The 3D visual model of multilevel, nested business structures (and their interrelations), instead of today's primitive, flat models, will likely acquire the features of a fractal with bizarre fragments constantly appearing, disappearing, and replacing each other.

The future of humanity, a 200 year old promise by leftist demagouges and Marxists that has condemned the "masses" to death by "socialism" (and entirely by established professors of psuedosciences in humanities departments writing scientific-sounding lampoons about the the "rich" stealing from the "poor"), will come entirely from the triumph of pure reason.

The pure mathematics of the cybernetic IEM, and the pure capitalism in the catallactic of Internet of Systems.
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IoS nodes, unlike the modern Internet of People, which broadcasts a colossal stream of unstructured information, interact with small, strictly standardized quanta (packages, "shots") of data.

The next-to-nothing data entropy doesn't allow malicious instructions to be placed in the quanta — it would be as impossible as hiding a black button on a sheet of white paper.

Fundamentally, a universal virus is impossible for IEM systems due to the unique business-logic in every IEM System installation.

Controlling a substantial IoS section through hacking would require a coordinated effort by millions of programmers in absolute secrecy while having unlimited access to millions of IEM systems ("conspiracy theory").

The compromised IEM System of an individual enterprise is automatically isolated from the rest of the IoS nodes by losing the ability to make new, or conclude already-agreed-to smart-contracts with counteragent nodes (a cybernetic analogue of a living organism's innate immunity).

So, the Internet of Systems is the first step in the self-developing global meta-IEM of the future: self-organizing and self-regulating economic system, a many celled organism on a planet wide scale, global homeostatic mechanisms whose self-regulation will be resistant to imbalances of any type.
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Once a certain density of interactions among IoS nodes has been achieved, an avalanche-like process will be set in motion (not unlike the chain reaction in a nuclear explosion) that will see economic agents crossing over into the IoS perimeter en masse.

Disjointed Organizational Swarm Intelligence instances of separate enterprises (OSI clusters within local dense clots of IoS nodes) will condense into a high-cohesion hive intellect of Mankind.

During the spawning phase (about 10 years), the number of IoS nodes will be growing at a slow linear pace.

The period of the chain reaction until globally significant economic activity is absorbed by the Internet of Systems (the Revolution V phase proper) will be much shorter — close to three years.
The crowds of those left behind will be driven by a panic as they face the threat of going out of business.

The ultra-fast gravitational compression of today’s lazily throbbing economic chaos into a dense and hot thermonuclear core of the Noosphere will resemble the birth of a new Sun in the cloud of interstellar gas that has been slowly growing thicker over millions of years.

Mankind's Social Computer will be put together for the first time

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The individual fragments of Organizational Swarm Intelligence come together in a logical continuum of Noosphere, covering all of mankind. The intellect of this system, which will take in millions of interrelated decisions every second, will have an economic effectiveness that is unthought of today.

Economic Singularity of Noosphere =
[The IoS's potential for economic organization]
[The final stage of density and effectiveness of interactions between instances of OSI in independent enterprises, when scattered "nerve centers" self-organize into a highly connected meta-SI, finally organizing the united economic super organism of our civilization].

In the strict terminology of Ludwig von Mises Noosphere is the catallactic singularity, in which:

— economic communications between people and/or social organizations happen instantly

— the cost of business transactions approaches zero

— the geographic location of the parties is irrelevant

— humanity lives in harmonious symbiosis with machines: people desire and create, machines carry out routine labor.

The world of the "time machine" by H.G. Wells, but with robots instead of morlocks.

Greatest Library

Noosphere aggregates verifiable and faithful data from billions of daily transactions from company networks, including sales to final clients.

The greatest database of financial data in history and the data is exact, accurate, precise and actual.

Specifically Noosphere, and only Noosphere, will be able to become a source of all-encompassing, accurate knowledge of mankind.

Therefore, it won’t be necessary to spend tens of billions of dollars and thousand of years studying, for example, the safety of different foods or the effectiveness of medicines. The aggregated data from pharmacies, health clubs, grocery stores, hospitals, bars, morgues, night clubs, banks, and other company-nodes of Noosphere will provide answers in seconds with accuracy that is unbelievable for today.

The very existence of all industries, without exception, will fundamentally change.

The emergence of such a collection of data will be a major change for mankind and bring in a new era of economic singularity, when man’s demand will only be limited by imagination and not resources.

End of crises

Noosphere, encapsulating all of mankind economic activities, will be completely free of human emotions: irrational euphoria and the equally irrational panics.

The two actions which, pendulum like, bring the fundamentally balanced markets to regular crises.

Noosphere will become a reliable generator of industrial quantities of material wealth, limited only by the availability of energy resources.
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