IEM Paradigm Social Cybernetics

IEM Paradigm layoutThe IEM (Intelligent Enterprise Managing) paradigm of Cybernetics is a formal set of theorems and their conclusions. They model how to structure organizations in a free market to maximize profit.

IEM is the first attempt in history to apply the scientific method to optimize the configuration of commercial entities. Optimal configuration, as defined under IEM, is aimed at maximizing profit under a given a set of conditions.

IEM builds upon the scientific study of Cybernetics — a discipline of mathematics and mankind's only scientific study of management.

For everyday use, Cybernetics IEM can be condensed into 5 imperatives.

IEM is a highly abstract universal paradigm. Local IEM solutions are derived by applying these universal IEM imperatives to the conditions of a specific problem.

Structuring an enterprise using IEM creates an IEM Enterprise, and applying IEM imperatives to a managing system creates an IEM System.

Amazingly, Cybernetics IEM adequately models the most unexpected organizations and objects.

The Pentagon conception of network-centered warfare is the intuitive (and organic) result of applying IEM principles to the task of managing military actions in a theater of war. A living cell is the most complex natural chemical fabric and is homeostatically self-governing according to the IEM Paradigm; without any "neural networks" or a single neuron at all.